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elleque.net Term of Use

I made various freebies for Pranx 1. Although I still distribute them here, but I don’t want them to be used any more. Because I can’t fix them even if you found errors of them. But, I thought that some users still may need the old things.

And, please understand that the items of Pranx 1 don’t work for Pranx 2 basically. I am going to refit some items for Pranx 2.

The files of Daz Studio 2 format must be loaded as the Poser contents. Because most Daz Studio contents of those days were such formats.


If you repeated failure of login, your access will be refused. Input your user name and password correctly. Don’t input unnecessary white-space. And, don’t leak your login info to other people. When I noticed the intruders to this place, I may close this place and stop the distributing of freebies.

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